Radantrieb eWheel

b-drives® eWheel

As part of Breuell & Hilgenfeldt GmbH and as a system partner of ebm-papst, the b-drives team has experience of
over 10 years in the design, control and application of electric drives.

We already supply numerous customers from general industry and intralogistics with optimally customised
drive systems. The eWheel was specially developedby b-drives as a wheel drive system for automated guided vehicles.

Thanks to the eWheel by b-drives®, your transport systems can bring even large payload safely to their destination even in tight spaces. The eWheel is the most compact system on the market for this purpose, and its flexible modular system enables it to adapt to your design ideas with ease.

But that’s not all: despite its small size, the eWheel impresses with a very high power density and high level of efficiency, which result in excellent vehicle performance and availability. The b-drives assembly concept ensures convenient changing of wheels. The wheel is changed in a few seconds by loosening just three screws.

Behind the gearbox-wheel unit, a modern BLDC motor with a redundant feedback ensures the safety of the drive. The overload capacity comes into its own during vehicle acceleration and when overcoming inclinations.
And the best thing is that our innovative wheel drive is the cost benchmark.

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