System solutions

System solutions is a specialised area and part of our success.
With system solutions, our employees create customised solutions for our customers that deviate from the so-called standard.

20+ years of experience

In the field of ventilation technology

CAD programmes

For drawing creation


Consultancy by project engineers

Top suppliers

Use of high-quality products

With the technical expertise of the project engineers, plug and play solutions can be customised together with the customer.

Using the latest information and communication technologies, we act quickly and flexibly so that short-term projects can be realised with ease.

"What doesn't fit - is made to fit"

The basis always remains ebm-papst's uniquely broad product programme. We are on hand with all the resources you need for the right accessories and can produce your desired special requirements in our own production facilities. Of course, everything is done within the desired and required quality accuracy of the customer, the standards and our, always highest, demands.

It is a matter of course for us to support you in the realisation of your design. We support you in every phase: from idea to design to prototype and finally to series production. And with our after-sales service, of course, beyond that.

"Not just new - but innovative"

This is our endeavour, which we conscientiously implement with our partners.

Our service at a glance

  • Cable assembly
  • Sheet metal carrier
  • Insertion
  • Special housing

We offer more than just fans

  • Cable assemblies /plug assemblies
  • Development of assemblies with carrier parts
  • Sheet metal and metalwork
  • Electrical work
  • Customised packaging
  • Ventilation consulting
  • Programming EC fans
  • Controllable fan systems