Efficiency in refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems

Retrofit modernisation of ventilation systems

Retrofitting is the retrofitting or conversion of refrigeration, air conditioning or ventilation systems.

We modernise your old systems and ensure noticeable energy savings. By replacing old fans with energy-efficient ebm-papst EC fans, we reduce your operating costs.

One important aspect is that almost every retrofit project is eligible for funding. Germany provides funding that is not being utilised.

It is therefore all the more worthwhile to subject your system to an energy-efficient refurbishment.

The systems to be modernised include air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems, chillers, cooling towers and many other systems in which fans play a crucial role.

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We offer you everything from a single source:

Initial assessment and consulting

We provide you with an initial assessment with the help of old device cards, as well as on-site advice and inspection of the systems.


For effective and efficient energy optimisation, we measure the actual electrical power and air performance.


We use the data to design the required fans or a fan wall. If required, including the necessary peripherals such as sheet metal, canvas supports and switch cabinets including control and regulation technology. With or without data acquisition and monitoring, depending on your requirements.

ROI calculation

We calculate the return on investment for you.

Offer preparation

We will provide you with a quote with or without conversion.

Commissioning and documentation

We take care of commissioning, including preparing the documentation and providing the inspection documents.

The benefits of a retrofit at a glance:

Increasing the efficiency of existing systems in accordance with ISO 50001, EEG, etc.

∟ Reduction in energy costs
∟ Reduction of CO₂ emissions

Reduction of noise emissions

∟ With ebm-papst EC fans, parameterisable, optimum control is possible.
∟ The use of modern EC fans eliminates noise, as neither phase control nor frequency converters are required.

Increasing the availability of spare parts

∟ Benefit from the high availability of spare parts for ebm-papst products by installing new, energy-saving fans.

Increase in cooling capacity

∟ An increase in cooling capacity is made possible by a higher air volume flow.

Cost savings through modernisation

∟ There is no need to procure the entire air conditioning or refrigeration system, as only the fan is replaced.

Improvement of the inflow and outflow

∟ Inlet and outlet flow are improved, which also reduces the pressure.

High system availability

∟ With a fan wall, the system continues to run with the fans if one fan fails.