Hot air blowers

The hot air blowers from ebm-papst can

  • with an air flow rate of 100 m³/h to 1,395 m³/h,
  • at a back pressure of 100 Pa to 500 Pa,
  • with a size of 120 mm to 225 mm,
  • 500 °C for a short time at a circulation temperature of 250 °C,
  • with a nominal voltage of 230 V (single-phase) or 400 V (three-phase)
  • and at a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz

be operated.

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Product informations

The ebm-papst hot air blower is supplied ready for installation with a heat-resistant impeller made of fire-aluminized steel (FAL), stainless steel or die-cast aluminium. The heat-resistant impeller can be operated at temperatures from 120°C to 500°C (e.g. for pyrolytic self-cleaning). The motor is mounted outside the baking chamber.

Areas of application include kitchen stoves, ovens, climatic cabinets, drying ovens and food and dish warmers, as well as in medical and sterilization appliances.


230/400 V


50 Hz, 60 Hz

Air flow rate

100 – 1.395 m³/h

Power consumption

29 – 250 W

Counter pressure

100 – 500 Pa


Die-cast aluminium, FAL steel plate, Galvanised steel plate, Stainless steel