AxiTop diffuser

The AxiTop diffuser from ebm papst can

  • reduce the sound pressure level by up to 7.2 dB(A),
  • reduce energy consumption by up to 27 %,
  • increase the air flow rate by up to 9 %,
  • and easy to retrofit.

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Product informations

An advance for increased efficiency with reduced noise pollution: The AxiTop diffuser significantly increases efficiency and reduces operating noise at the same time. It increases the pressure and thus minimises losses at the outlet, which enables the fan to be optimised for standard heat exchangers. By using the diffuser, a significant proportion of the dynamic speed energy is converted into static pressure, which noticeably increases efficiency. This leads to a reduction in speed and thus to a reduction in noise emissions.

In practice, the use of the new diffuser opens up significantly more possibilities for users and developers. A size 800 fan with AxiTop is only around 18 cm higher than a comparable model without AxiTop. The external dimensions of the AxiTop also remain within the usual standards for heat exchangers. The easy adaptation to existing nozzle plates enables uncomplicated retrofitting of existing systems without the need for changes on the customer side. The AxiTop diffuser is currently available in sizes 800 mm, 910 mm and 1250 mm.

AxiTop offers significant advantages for refrigeration systems. It is up to you to decide how you want to utilise these advantages: With the improved efficiency of the AxiTop, you can reduce the speed. This allows you to reduce the sound pressure by up to 7.2 dB(A) and energy consumption by up to 27% while maintaining the same volume flow. Alternatively, you can use the increased efficiency to increase the air flow rate by up to 9% with a similar energy input, which can make it possible to reduce the surface area of the heat exchanger. AxiTop gives you unrivalled flexibility in the design of your refrigeration application.

Protective grille

Black plastic-coated (RAL9005), Steel

Wall ring

Black plastic-coated (RAL9005), Galvanised steel plate