Machines and systems

We can fulfil individual and customer-specific requirements with the compact design and high load capacity of our motors and fans.

Here too, the durability of our products is an advantage over failures.

Machines and systems also include control cabinets, sunbeds, power electronics, laser technology and extraction systems.

Our ECI motors for precise servo applications are also suitable for machines and systems. The ECI motors impress with short cycle times, precise positioning, exact speed profiles and reproducible motion sequences combined with a long service life and low noise levels. These are criteria that represent important characteristics of applications for mechanical engineering, handling, packaging and textile machines.

With adjustable speed torque limitation and precise speed control, they enable optimum adaptation of the winding and winding drive to the materials used in packaging technology and the textile industry.

Our motors integrated into bus systems are ideal for format adjustment or as feed drives for systems in the conveying, transport or automation sectors.

Targeted cooling of motors (forced ventilation) prevents failures.

This is where we come in with our axial fans as an integrable solution. Our fans are designed for large voltage ranges and ultimately serve as an optimal cooling solution for motors.

For switch cabinet applications, we offer modules for cooling in the smallest of spaces. With our EC fans, we offer maintenance-free solutions for dissipating power losses from power electronics, for example.