Household appliances

Typical household appliances include extractor hoods, cookers, tumble dryers, large industrial kitchen technology, refrigerators, microwaves, hand dryers, ovens and much more. Our motors, fans and blowers can be found in all of these appliances.

Based on your requirements, we suggest a suitable fan or motor and can design it with a variety of control options according to your wishes.

This enables you to further reduce energy consumption while maximising performance. We are confident that we can offer you a suitable solution that will significantly reduce your consumption costs!

In addition to energy efficiency, it is important to hardly make any noise. There are fans and motors that are specially designed for noise-sensitive applications.

We are happy to support you with a complete solution, such as cable/connector assembly, special housings, flanges, brackets or fan trays, so that our plug and play solution makes your installation even easier.