Medical and laboratory technology

Typical applications in this sector include the pump industry, diagnostic equipment, incubators, centrifuges, drives for operating tables and chairs.

EC fans and drives are indispensable helpers in hospitals and rehabilitation centres:

  • Recoolers on the roof ensure perfect and silent air conditioning in all rooms.
  • In ventilators, blowers ensure the care of patients with sleep apnoea. As mobile devices, the blowers are also used in ambulances and helicopters.
  • For neonatal incubators, EC technology guarantees maximum power consistency, freedom from vibration and reliability in all operating modes.
  • Sonography and X-ray equipment as well as computer tomographs are cooled by whisper-quiet EC fans to support both technology and patients.
  • Our EC drives move sonography and X-ray equipment as well as computer tomographs quickly and precisely and position these devices, which are essential for diagnostics.
  • The same applies to the operating tables and chairs, which require precisely positionable and reproducible movements without vibrations.
  • These requirements are just as important for laboratory technology as they are for rehabilitation devices, such as movement splints for maintaining mobility after an operation.
  • The pump systems of dialysis machines also rely on the safe and efficient healthcare system of our products. For example, our motors drive dosing pumps with a large control range, such as peristaltic pumps.

With our air and drive technology products, we aim to make diagnoses and therapies simpler, more efficient and more cost-effective, whether for cooling, air conditioning, lifting, pumping or driving.