NiQ Motors

The energy-saving NiQ motors from ebm papst can

  • with an air flow rate of 160 m³/h to 1,280 m³/h,
  • at engine speeds of 1,300 rpm and 1,550 rpm,
  • for blade diameters from 154 mm to 254 mm,
  • with blade angles of 22°, 28° and 34°,
  • at an operating temperature of -40 °C to 50 °C,
  • with a rated voltage of 115-127 V and 220-240 V (single-phase)
  • and at a frequency of 50-60 Hz

be operated.

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Product informations

The ebm-papst “Next generation iQ” motors with corresponding axial impellers replace the conventional shaded-pole motor. By reducing power consumption by 70 %, energy consumption can be reduced by several megawatt hours per year.

The NiQ is characterized by three functions:

  • reverse on start – the motor runs backwards for a pre-programmed time at each start. In this way, for example, accumulated dust is blown out of the heat exchanger.
  • reverse on demand – the optimum time and duration of the reverse run are determined by the user.
  • two speeds – the factory-programmed speeds enable different operating modes (day and night mode).

The area of application for NiQ motors with axial impellers is cooling technology. Especially for refrigerated cabinets, such as refrigerated counters, bottle coolers or vegetable displays in supermarkets.


115 – 127 V, 220 – 240 V


50 – 60 Hz

Air flow rate

160 – 1.300m³/h

Power consumption

2 – 35 W

Rotational speed level

1,300 rpm, 1,550 rpm

Wall ring

Grey plastic-coated, Steel plate


Plastic housing

Mounting bracket

Galvanised and blue chromated, Steel plate