EC medium pressure axial fans - The efficient system solution

EC medium pressure axial fans – The effi cient system solution

Medium pressure axial fans with GreenTech EC motors are used wherever high volume flows need to be moved against elevated
pressures. Examples of this include shock freezers or cold storage facilities, as well as process cooling applications.

  • Double-flange housing
  • Low noise emissions
  • High efficiency
  • Robust design
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel sheet
  • Safe handling during transport and installation completely Flexible installation (Installation with horizontal and vertical motor shafts, Installation on intake and pressure side)
  • Versatile
  • Low vibration
  • Impeller rotor unit dynamically balanced in two levels
  • High balance quality
  • Die-cast aluminium blades
  • Die-cast aluminium hub
  • Proven blade geometry (Airfoil)
  • GreenTech EC motor
  • Commutation and stator design ensure quiet running
  • Acoustically imperceptible clock frequency
  • Long service life
  • Maintenance-free ball bearings
  • Brushless commutation
  • Unrivalled compactness
  • The impeller is mounted directly onto the motor rotor
  • Economical operation
  • Enables optimised commutating partial-load operation up to 1:10 while still maintaining high efficiency
  • Safe operation
  • Electronics Simple putting into service
  • Central terminal connection area for power supply, alarm relay, control and communication
  • Spatial separation of the connection area from the motor electronics
  • High-quality terminal clamps
  • Pre-set operating parameters Versatile
  • Continuously variable speed settings
  • 0–10 VDC/PWM interface and MODBUS RTU
  • Integrated PID controller
  • Universal applicability
  • Various voltage types for worldwide use
  • Suitable for 50 and 60 Hz supply frequency
  • Integrated derating function
  • Integrated locked rotor and over- temperature  protection
  • Intake/pressure side
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