AxiCool fans - A breath of fresh air in refrigeration technology

AxiCool fans – A breath of fresh air in refrigeration technology

new standards in the evaporator and cooling unit market. Plug and Play: There is no longer any need to worry about aligning
and gap dimensions.  Just four screws are required for fitting the AxiCool! Quick and easy. And thanks to the connection line, fan
installation takes no time at all.

  • Quick mounting with just four screw
  • Simple installation by way of the connection line
  • Efficiency specifications as per ErP 2013 and ErP 2015 already surpassed today
  • Up to 25% lower power consumption
  • Highly efficient operation even at part load
  • Optimised cooling and thawing cycles
  • GreenTech concept combining ecology, sustainability and economical operation through the use of a GreenTech EC motor for example
  • Preservation of resources by using less water
  • shorter thawing cycles
  • Two-piece plastic wall ring with integrated channels for water drainage, thus reducing ice formation
  • Simple retrofitting
  • Convenient retrofitting of heating tape:  For  optimised thawing cycles and reduced  transfer of heat into cooling chamber
  • Innovative efficiency-enhancing shape
  • Quiet running thanks to ideal aerodynamic design
  • Easy-clean surfaces to satisfy maximum hygiene standards
  • HyBlade® impeller made of composite material
  • More efficient than other fans on the market thanks to profiled blade geometry and winglets
  •  Aerodynamically optimised shape reduces noise by up to 4 dB(A) as compared to other fans available to date
  • Single axial fan unit: Direct integration of external rotor motor into axial impeller
  • High degree of efficiency
  • Low energy consumption with values already
  • Less waste heat
  • Safety class IP 54 for optimum splash water protection
  • Exact regulation of air flow – with  0-10 V linear or PWM input and speed signal for controlled operation
  • Extremely durable thanks to maintenance-free ball bearings and brushless commutation
  • Standard version with flat metal safety grille: Simple mechanical cleaning in the event of ice formation
  • Versions with air-guiding system are applied with a support bracket
  • Motor cover guards against splash water
  • Air-guiding system can double fan air throw with comparable volumetric flow
  • More even cold storage cold air distribution
  • Easy to detach for cleaning
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