Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Industry

Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Industry

In this sector, we have a very wide range of components for almost any application: ventilation technology, air-conditioning, home and building ventilation, single pipe ventilation, humidifiers and air heaters, beverage dispensers, refrigerated cases and clean room technology.

Our centrifugal and axial fans are used in façade air conditioning systems and as roof fans for ventilation or exhaust systems. Our advantage is a low noise level, which makes our products the perfect component for homes, buildings and offices. Especially in building design tendency goes towards energy-efficient houses and apartment and building complexes. In this area, our centrifugal and axial EC fans are indispensible.

Our fans with EC motor and integrated electronics are well suited for cold rooms and refrigerated cases. They are energy-saving and convince through low self-heating. They also feature control options, such as speed control. Speed control gives you the possibility to significantly reduce your energy costs as you can lower rotational frequency according to your requirements.

The low noise and vibration level as well as the compact design of the external rotor motor with integrated electronics are ideal for clean rooms e.g. in chip manufacturing, bottling plants, the pharmaceutical industry, microstructure technology or plastic injection systems.

Furthermore, a long service life is essential for fans and blowers used in the refrigeration industry, e.g. in evaporators and condensers in super markets, and in addition it also prevents unnecessary expenses. Failures and the resulting damage are not an issue anymore!

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