Medical and Laboratory Technology

Medical and Laboratory Technology

In this sector includes a. o. the pump industry, diagnostic devices, incubators, centrifuges, drives for operating tables and chairs.

EC fans and drives are of essential help in hospitals and rehabilitation centers:

  • heat exchangers on the roof provide prefect and silent air conditioning
  • lowers in respirator masks assure oxygen supply for patients who are suffering from sleep apnea. They also serve as mobile devices in ambulances and rescue helicopters
  • in incubators for newborns our EC technology guarantees highest output constancy, vibration-free performance and reliability in every operating mode
  • our extremely quiet EC fans are used to cool sonography and x-ray apparatuses and also CT systems and thus support the electronics and the patient
  • sonography, x-ray and CT systems are indispensible for diagnostics. Here our EC drives are the perfect component as they provide quick and precise moving and positioning, this also applies for operating tables and chairs for which exact and vibration-free positioning and reproducibility is essential
  • these requirements are as elementary for laboratory technologies as for rehabilitation devices, e.g. motor-driven rehabilitators to maintain mobility after surgery
  • pump systems for dialysis machines also base on our reliable and efficient technology. For example our motors move dosing pumps for large adjusting ranges, such as peristaltic pumps

We hope that our drive and ventilation technology helps to ease diagnostics and therapies and to increase efficiency and reduce costs whether applications include cooling, air-conditioning, lifting, pumping or driving.

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