Machinery and Equipment

Machinery and Equipment

With compact design and good resilience our fans and motors meet customer-specific requirements. The long service life of our product is a definite advantage in this sector.

Machinery and equipment also includes control cabinets, tanning beds, power electronics and laser technology, as well as medical technology and extraction systems.

In this sector, our ECI motors for precise servo applications should also be considered. They feature short cycle times, precise positioning, exact speed profiles and reproducible movements as well as a long service life and a low noise level.

These are important criteria for the mechanical engineering of handling, packaging and textile machines.

In the packaging and textile industry, the ECI motors allow for an optimum adaptation to the materials used, e.g. for coil and winding drives due adjustable torque limitation and precise speed control.

Our motors with integrated bus systems are the ideal solution for adjustment and feed drives in conveyors, transportation and automation machines.

To prevent your motor from failing, systematic cooling (forced air ventilation) is necessary.

We provide integrable axial fans, which are suitable for high voltages and provide optimal cooling for motors.

For the use in control cabinets, we offer modules for cooling even the smallest spaces. Benefit from our maintenance-free EC fans to discharge e.g. the dissipated energy of the electronics

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