Household Appliances

Household Appliances

Some of the typical household appliances are range hoods, stoves, clothes dryers, industrial food service technology, refrigerators, microwave ovens, hand dryers, baking and finishing ovens. In any of these appliances and in many more you will find our motors, fans or blowers.

In compliance with your requirements, we will suggest an applicable fan or motor, which we can specify with various control and programming devices. This enables you to reduce energy consumption even at the highest level of performance. We are certain to offer you suitable solutions, which will decrease your energy costs significantly!

Besides efficiency, there is another important issue: noise reduction. We provide fans and motors especially designed for sound-sensitive applications.

We are glad to support you with plug and play solutions, such as cable and connector configurations, special housings, flanges, mountings or fan inserts to make the installation process as easy as possible for you.

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