The heating industry includes mainly gas and oil heaters, solid fuel burners, fuel cells, thermal storage heating stoves, fan heaters, mobile heat generators and heat pumps.

In this sector in particular, we are continuously improving our products to increase energy efficiency. Therefore, our products have been used in this area for many years. Our experience in manufacturing energy-saving and intelligent units has allowed us to be ahead of our competitors.

As replacement for AC motors with frequency converter, our EC motors are space-saving and they form an interesting and advanced alternative – particularly in times of constantly rising energy prices.

But why not use the environment’s free energy potential? Heat pumps turn the energy from the soil, the air, and the groundwater into thermal heat and can thus serve as a supplier for heat. This process is not only energy-saving but eco-friendly!

With Breuell & Hilgenfeldt, you don’t only save money, but due to our expertise you also save time.

We offer specialized fans, compact fans, blowers or motors designed to move air, whether it is for ventilation or exhaust systems or other applications.

We have individual products for individual applications, from circulation or gas blowers to capacitor or EC motors.

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