Energetic inspection of air conditioning systems

Energetic inspection of air conditioning systems

The process for energetic inspection of air conditioning systems in non-residential premises in accordance with Section 12 of the current EnEV.

Operator of built-in building air conditioning systems are encouraged to §12 applicable EnEV to be carried out energy inspections of these facilities by an authorized person.
Here, components that influence the efficiency of the plant, as well as the size of the plant in relation to the cooling requirements of the building stands.

The regulation requires that the first inspection in the tenth year after commissioning of the plant or after replacement of essential components such as heat exchangers, fan or chiller is to be performed.

This applies to the 01 October, 2007 as a starting date for inspections. That is after the 01.10.2007 have facilities for the first time undergo inspections.

Installations on 01 October, 2007

older than 4 years to 12 years old -> examination within 6 years
older than 12 years old are -> examination within 4 years
older than 20 years old are -> examination within 2 years

After the first inspection, the system of re-inspection must be carried out at least every 10 years recurrently. The inspection must be performed by trained personnel.

Through appropriate training, we are authorized to carry out these inspections at Breuell & Hilgenfeldt. For questions or further information you like to contact us with details.
Of course, we can also make an appointment to carry out the inspection of your equipment.

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